About Lichfield Cathedral Chorus

Lichfield Cathedral Chorus has been making music in Lichfield since 1959.

The Cathedral Organist at the time, Dick Greening, put together a chorus of 65 singers for a performance of Handel’s Messiah.

For the first 50 years it was known as Lichfield Cathedral Special Choir — the “special” in the name deriving from the original purpose of the choir, which was to stand in for the Cathedral Choir during vacations and to perform on special occasions.

The Chorus has maintained its close association with the Cathedral, with successive Cathedral Organists also taking on the role of Conductor. However, it no longer deputises for the Cathedral Choir and has grown considerably in size, now having around 120 members. In view of these changes, in 2010 it was decided that it was time to change the name to better reflect its continuing role and Lichfield Cathedral Chorus was born.

The choir today

We have commissioned new works, such as The Coming of the Kingdom (Malcolm Archer) and Easter Oratorio (Paul Spicer).

In 2009 when Lichfield Cathedral Special Choir celebrated its 50th Anniversary it commissioned another work, Advent Oratorio by Paul Spicer.